Services Provided

Dr. Lewis-Bultsma provides individual, couples and family, and pre-marital therapy.

Payment is expected at the time of service and can be made by cash, check or credit card.
For those who wish to use their insurance to pay for services, Dr. Lewis-Bultsma charges her full session fee at the time of service and provides clients with a receipt showing the necessary information to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement. Most insurance companies will reimburse a percentage of the fee for an out-of-network provider; check with your insurance company to determine what percentage of fees they will cover.

For questions about services offered, fees and insurance, please call (949) 689-3760.


   Dr. Lewis-Bultsma provides a nurturing  environment where clients can explore their  behavior, gain insights into themselves and find  deeper satisfaction in their relationships.
  Call (949) 689-3760 or email Dr. Lewis-Bultsma      at for more information about which services  would be helpful for you.

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